A short motion film based on a performance created by Moriava in December 2014 at the Plateau Gallery in Greenhouse, Berlin.

It is a ritual, a prayer, opening the door that should never have been closed in the first place.
How much of the inner world can survive in daylight? How many dreams can come to truth? Finding the ways to flow, the breeding needed to create.

Written and Directed by Maria Cukor
Music by Moriava
Director of Photography Jan Durina
Dance performance by Fina Brendtner
Additional Silhouettes Ivan Leroy, Fellipe Vergani
Lighting by Alex Goldberg
Production Assistants Paula Durinova, David Stichling, Gabriele Aicardi
Costume and Scene by Maria Cukor
Floor landscape by Avital Yomdin
Editing and Post Production by Dylan Bakker
Filmed at Plateau Gallery, Greenhouse, Berlin
Special thanks to Marie Klinke
Produced by Maria Cukor and Dylan Bakker 2015